Free Excursions

Dolce Vita Italian Jive Holiday, Venice Lagoon (Sottomarina), Italy. Saturday 21 to Saturday 28 September.
This event is now open for Bookings.

Two free "Discover Veneto & Venice" excursions included in the price, as follows:

Excursions (included), mementos and experiences not to be missed with friends and loved ones:

1. Included in the price a trip by boat to Venice. On the way there we'll be coasting islands in the Venetian Lagoon, enter the Gran Canal leading to Venice's famous Piazza San Marco. Here we'll leave the boat for a day visit to Venice, in the late afternoon we'll return to the hotel by boat. See film below showing what you will see along the Gran Canal.

2. The second trip included in the price will be advertised here in due course, as we are currently considering a number of destinations.

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